Vogue Italia: A look Into Cassie Ventura's Closet [VIDEO]

It must be amazing living Cassie’s lifestyle. You spend five straight years recording undercover, live in a penthouse in New York with an amazing view and own clothes most fashionstas would kill for. Talk about Living The LIFE

Cassie recently gave Vogue Italia the ‘Cribs’ treatment as she invited them into her Manhattan penthouse, but, more importantly, into her overflowing closet, which she built herself in one of her spare bedrooms. While explaining the meaning behind her new ‘King Of Hearts’ video, she showed off some of of her designer custom gowns and detailed her shoe game. We now know that Cassie owns a room filled with brand new Christian Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks she no longer wears [I'll take those], and a few pairs of Jordans because she’s a total sneaker head.

Meanwhile, the interviewer Scott Lipps said there are probably women who would die to live in there and Cassie replied, “Let’s just all live in the closet!”

Yes, Cassie, we could definitely live in your closet.

via FairBlogMother NecoleBitchie