[Video] Jennifer Williams Speaks On Being Slapped By Evelyn's Assistant

Jennifer Williams speaks on being slapped by Evelyn's assistant and her former friend Nia. Although I was shocked, Jennifer did ask for it when Nia asked her if she needed to be smacked in the face to wake up and Jennifer replied by saying " Yea...she wish she would" and yea that's when all hell broke loose.  Evelyn then jumps off a table to defend the people of the Harlem that lives in two bed room apartments when Jennifer commented on Nia living in a two bed room apartment. *In my Jennifer Williams voice* "Realllllyyyy"? Check out the video and interview with Mashonda and tell me what you think.

Mashonda: Do you wish you would have physically retaliated after you got slapped? What did your mother say about this?
Jennifer: I do not wish that I physically retaliated. I am a businesswoman and an entrepreneur and I don’t want to represent myself as a fighter on TV. When I got hit, my mother was the first person that popped in my head. She was very disappointed this whole situation took place. I was not raised as a fighter or to participate in violence.

Mashonda: How did you feel after watching this episode?
Jennifer: I honestly could not watch this episode; I have never been hit before. It particularly saddens me to know people condone this type of behavior and glorify violence.
Mashonda: I know you have been working on seeking justice in this situation. How has it been working with your Attorney Sandy Rubenstein and The National Action Network?
Jennifer: Just because I did not fight back physically doesn’t mean I am not fighting back. I am doing this the right way and fighting back using our justice system. Sandy Rubenstein is my civil attorney in NYC and Sabrina Puglisi is my criminal attorney in Florida. The National Action Network has been a tremendous help in assisting me with this issue.
Mashonda: If you could say one thing to the young people that watched last night’s episode, what would it be?
Jennifer: My advice to young people that watched last night’s episode is please do not think violence is the answer.
Mashonda: What does Reality Check mean to you?
Jennifer: Reality Check is near and dear to my heart. I think it is a great organization to promote positivity amongst our youth in the community. I am a strong believer that your foundation is everything and I feel a sense of responsibility to my community to display a positive image.
Mashonda: Are you doing the next season of Basketball Wives?
Jennifer: I can’t even process next season. I still have to do the reunion show.

I am happy to say that Jennifer is dealing with her situation in the most civil way possible.
I myself hope that everyone involved in this scenario will find some clarity, peace and guidance from God. I pray that they will have the heart and mind to know that they are partially resposible for the thoughts and decisions of many young people that watch them and try to be like them. This is more than reality TV, this is Real Life!

source: MashondaLoyal.com