Roc Nation's Bridget Kelly Interviews With PYNK Magazine!

Roc Nation artist Bridget Kelly interviewed with PYNK Magazine, in the interview Kelly discussed relationshps including her first boyfriend, her first break up, the last time she gave her number out, & the last time she got turned down. I relate to Kelly in her relationship woes. Anyway, check out the interview below.

On her first boyfriend:
My mom is a tough cookie. She’s really a hard person to crack, so it was funny to see her drill him, make sure he’s keeping eye contact, and figure out where his mind was. My dad was really quiet. He was the observant one and my mother was the interrogator. It was definitely a scene out of a TV show.

On her first breakup:
I’ve had a lot of heartbreak, but the first one was really devastating. A guy I was dating went ghost on me for a couple of days — I didn’t know if he was dead or alive. These days, to not hear from somebody for an hour is nerve wrecking. When he finally resurfaced it was like, “Oh, by the way, I have this other girl that I’m seeing. This is a wrap. And I’m having a baby.” That was my first real devastating, earth-shattering heartbreak.

Bridget on the last time she gave out her number:
The last time I gave someone my number was early last year, and it was my BBM pin. I felt that was a little less personal than my phone number. Then it turned out to not be. It was actually more intrusive because of the R’s and all that on Blackberry.

Bridget on the last time she was turned down: 
I’m a stubborn person and sometimes kind of controlling. When I don’t get my way, I tend to wild out, have a fit, and be a bit of a brat. The last time a guy rejected me, it actually made me want him more. It definitely had the reverse effect as opposed to me being like, “Well, forget you.” It was, “Wait, why not? Why can’t we just … ?” It definitely heightened my attraction a little.