[Video] Emorej Couture Goes In On Basketball Wives Ep:11 'Ratchet Drama'


I don't think I ever laughed so hard after watching Emorej Couture go in on last weeks episode of Basketball Wives Season 4. I mean he literally said everything that I was thinking and probably what some of you guys are thinking as well. I mean he got it down to the 'T'! Yes, 'T' as in the middle of  Ratchet behavior that is seen every week on the show. Emorej goes in on the drama is episode 11 including Royce and her relationships, Susie's lisp, Evelyn's assistant Nia, "Nutcase" Kenya and Tammy being a hypocrit and being fake. Oh and the best part...Emorej really goes in on wine bottle throwing Evelyn and Ms. Chad Ochocinco & More Haha!! Well, I'm glad he said it because someone had to and I love it. Check it out now and tell me what you think.