@KIDNAMEDBREEZY Releases Music Video To Accompany His 2012 Remake Of Tupac's "Temptations"

Hip Hop enthusiast and recording artist Kid Named Breezy pays homage to the late Tupac Shakur in the remake of Tupac's 1995 single "Temptations". Currently in the studio working on his full album '93, Kid Named Breezy has responded to the demand of his rapidly increasing fan base for more, with the release of this new video. Kid Named Breezy's fresh, yet candid delivery of his lyrics over the remake of Tupac's classic instrumental showcases his ability as an artist to maintain the authenticity of a track while making it his own.

Produced and shot by Dashawn Ferrer, the man behind the Snapback With A Life Full "Got Damn" video, Kid Named Breezy's "Temptations" video is laden with clean cuts, high quality shots and specific attention to detail. Hip Hop heads everywhere can appreciate the simplicity of the rising star, Kid Named Breezy's latest release!

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