Amateur Night at the Apollo Champion Reesa Renee Releases Debut Album 'Reelease' Available TODAY

Amateur Night at the Apollo champion Reesa Renee unleashes her highly anticipated debut album "Reelease" via digital distribution channels today. The dynamic 16 track album recorded at House Studio in Washington, DC includes several notable features from Tabi Bonney, RA the MC, Kamila Gem, Charissa Rouse and Black Cobain

"Reelease" provides ample evidence of Reesa's varied and impressive songwriting fused with incredible production by her brother PKay the Producer, to create a musical concoction which is fruitful in its delivery. The first two singles "Got Me Loose" and "Wonderland Cool" have already received critically acclaimed reviews from fans and bloggers alike

In a recent interview with Radio One's KYSDC Reesa states, "The album is entitled Reelease because it really embodies my experiences as a human in finally releasing all of these emotions and feelings I was never able to express. It's so funny because it all came out in song, You know? I wasn't that 2-year old or 8-year old that was like "oh yeah I want to be a singer!" That wasn't me. I was moreso just living my life. I enjoy music but again, singing just became that other bliss or realm that I can't really explain. With all of that said, I can't help but give you all what's in the pits of my soul."

Reelease is available on iTunes and

1. Intro: Need a Reelease
2. Listen (feat. RA the MC)
3. Good Day (feat. Tabi Bonney)
4. Music High
5. Got Me Loose
6. World Go Round (feat. Kamila Gem)
7. Gotta Get By
8. Radio
9. Last Goodbye
10. Wonderland Cool
11. So Easy
12. Interlude - Waste Away
13. Waste Away
14. Reelease (feat. Charissa Rouse)
15. The Build Up
16. Obvious (feat. Black Cobain)