Ball Up Streetball Announces 2012 Summer Tour Televised & Ball Up: Life On The Road Series [Videos]

Ball Up Streetball recently announced their newest national television show on FOX Sports Network showcasing their 2012 summer tour. They also partnered up with dominant video entertainment network, Machinima, and their brand new episodic series channel, Machinima Prime.  Launched August 1, the online channel will feature Ball Up: Life on the Road, a gripping behind-the-scenes documentary providing exclusive content as Ball Up embarks on its first national tour. The documentary introduces the humble beginning of each player and how they become a part of the team.

“Ball Up Streetball” airs Sunday nights in HD on Fox Sports Net (FSN) and its local affiliate at 5:00pm and 9:00pm (times may vary, check your local listings). “Life on the Road” will air on Saturday’s. For more information on Machinima Prime, visit:

For more information on Ball Up, visit: