Jamaican Producer Jadeem Johnson International Music Maker [Interview]

I'm an humble youth that is very serious about his music. I am an hard working, dedicated and focused young man when it comes on to my music. I was born Jadeem Johnson but now go by Ace Elements, grew up in the little community of Grants Pen, Kingston, Jamaica. Growing in a place where the world is against you, I could always find comfort in music. I guess you could say music drives me, music it always keep me going, it just keep my blood pumping, it was only fitted to go for a career in music.

I now focusing on making my dreams a reality, to see my imagination manifest its on my work, leaving people wondering what's next how am I going to top the last thing I did. I aim to globalize myself in the sense i become round with most genre of music and not be stuck in the usual track of only doing dancehall and reggae music as most Jamaican producer do.  I am aiming make my name a global topic on my level of music.

How are you today?

Ace Elements: I am good and you?

For those who don't know, why is your name ACE Elements? 

Ace Elements: I always go by Ace just felt to add the Elements to really represent my group

You're from Jamaica, correct? 

Ace Elements: Yes

Do you have a particular sound/style of music associated with you? 

Ace Elements: I don't like to margin myself with one thing so i try my best to keep rounded but I mostly do Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop/Rap

When did you start taking music seriously?

Ace Elements: Music has always been apart of me but I start taking it serious close to the end of high school that from about early 2011

Who inspires you and why?

Ace Elements: Everyone that does music inspire I love to see and hear new and interesting sounds and ideas

What made you realize that music is your career path? 

Ace Elements: Just the L.F.M - Love For Music 

What music means to you?

Ace Elements: Music keeps my heart plumping it is everything to me

Which is better being an manager or a producer? 

Ace Elements: Producing

Why is it better? 

Ace Elements: It allows you the opportunity to associate with more artiste and you get explore more with your music creativity

In 5 words who is ACE Elements?

Ace Elements: If I may use three Ambitious Creative Effective 

What inspires you when you're working? 

Ace Elements: Everything around me

What has your favorite experience in music been thus far? 

Ace Elements: Meeting Bounty killer and working with Tony Matterhorn

Who gave you, your first break as an producer?

Ace Elements: Tony Matterhorn

Which artists would you like to work with? 

Ace Elements:Any and everyone with real talent

What are you currently working on? 

Ace Elements:Working on a project called One Man Army, the beat is rap and I am giving it an dancehall delivery. It features  dancehall acts like Tony Matterhorn, Kibaki, Singing Sweet, Kym, Micklaay and Kqueens and a couple others and hip artiste MzKat and I am hoping UK artistes J-Unity and supreme will be on it.

What have your journey been like?

Ace Elements: It's been rough but good, can't complain

What is the support from your fans been like?

Ace Elements: It's been good

Where can people find your music?

Ace Elements: They could contact me direct i could give me and I will let them hear my work

What is your contacts if there is anyone that want to work with you?

Ace Elements: My number is (876) 474-4289, email is dj.ace.platinum@gmail.com, follow me on twitter @ACE_Elements and add me on facebook Ace Elements

I am working on my first project am I am doing things a little different. I am using a rap beat and giving it a different delivery than everyone who expect. I am doing it like a dancehall project. The major players in this project as it relates to production is my partners Dj Stikky for the creation and Micklaay my partner from Amsterdam for doing a majority of the mixing of the songs. You can expect dancehall acts such as Tony Matterhorn, Kym (the Gaza Kim), Singing Sweet, Kibaki, Micklaay himself to be on it and a couple upcoming acts as well.

Check out Micklaay one of Ace Elements artist that he is producing for and tell me what you think.