How To Spot A Fashion Victim 101

We all know that one friend, relative, associate, who focuses so much on "what's in" that they end up looking like "who did what and why". The woman follows fashion how dogs follow orders. I mean, the thought of it makes me scream and not in a sudden manner. 



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      "Every time I see a women with the "it bag"... I do not envy her, I pity her, the poor thang" ~ Nina Garcia

      ADVICE: Buy a bag that fits with your personality, lifestyle, and one that you absolutely love. It is always clear when a woman purchases just to impress others. Be the woman who stands out because she is absolutely fabulous! 

      You can count the designer she is wearing from head to toe: You know that one girl that walks in the room and the first thing that comes to mind is "Louie, Fendi, Gucci". I mean the poor thing has yet to be enlightened! It almost saddens me to know that a woman would want to defined by her labels. She carry's the "IT BAG": You know that huge LV bag that says look at me I have a lot of money and I'm stylish, which in other words "I am a brainless robot that buys simply because everyone else has one, not to mention I probably maxed out my credit card for this".

    "Its often the girls with less money that seem to understand better" - unknown

     ADVICE: I don't care how much money you have in your account, and how much you really want to splurge and showcase your favorite designer. Don't be the victim and instead inspire. Learn to wear certain pieces with different combinations. It just isn't appealing and is a fashionistas biggest "No, No".   

    Lets stay away from the trends and seek some individuality. Only adapt a trend if it looks good on you, don't follow the masses.

    written by +Skye Charlie Skye Charlie's profile photo