The Hip-Hop Community Reacts To Elementary School Shootings In Connecticut On Twitter [PHOTOS]

As a big hip hop fan I was so happy to see some of our favorite artist responding to yesterday's event. This was a very unfortunate event and our heart go out to the families and friends of those who lost their life and to the surviving children that will have to forever have images of violence engraved in their heads. 

Thank you to the teachers that protected the children and the reaction of the law enforcement. We pray that this senseless crime will not happen again. 

President Barack Obama tearfully spoke his piece about the tragic killings a short while ago. The Hip-Hop community from throughout the country took to their twitter accounts to speak on the tragedy and to offer their condolences to the families and children affected by the shootings.
Diddy, Rick Ross, Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys and many more all offered their thoughts on the events of today. Hit the jump to check out everything that they had to say.