Jimmie Reign 'The Other Side Of Love' Listen & Download

Jimmie Reign debut album The Other Side Of Love released on January 22nd, 3013. Reign has a way of pulling on heartstrings and breathing life to first-person narratives revealing vulnerability and a yearning for love.  This third studio album, reaches out to all still enduring pain from unhealthy mismatched relationships.  It unveils concepts of love that isn’t always a good thing that many times lead to an undeniable addiction; a constant search for that once-felt romantic love--the ultimate high.

The songs go beyond the hall mark clichés that we all secretly hope for by giving us the simple truth that love as great as it is can be, comes with flaws.  She has unmasked the other side of love with her take on its sanctity.  “I’m seeking the truth”, expresses her desire to go beyond the superficial definitions of love in order to experience the unknown, a pure but not perfect love--perfect in its own imperfections. 

The Other Side of Love, is a collaboration released under the Red Honey and Blakkpen Entertainment camps, and comes complete with 10 tracks. Reign also includes a couple of dance, up-tempo melodies powered by her smooth voice embracing loves highs and lows, losses and gains. 

Track List:
1. The Other Side of Love 1:44
2. She Loves 4:19
3. Yo Girl 3:30
4. U-Turn (feat. Drew Allen) 3:58
5. Runaway Interlude 2:48
6. Miss You (No More) 2:56
7. Pure 3:19
8. This Way 4:00
9. Trap Star 3:15
10. Surrender 3:19

“I had gone through a horrible break up.  Financially I was at the lowest point I’d ever been in my life.  I planned on giving up singing.  Little did I now that what I felt would turn out to be fuel for something great.  I opened my heart to someone different and what came out of it was The Other Side of Love—a beautiful reflection of my life, my music, his way.” Reign shares. Producers Kalifornia MD along with Drew Allen and Fifth Element provided the sound that helped shape the project and capture the vision Jimmie Reign wanted to share with the world.  The Other Side of Love is now available on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-other-side-of-love/id593133849

-Courtesy of Studio 92 Music