Raqi Thunda And Lore’l Visit The Breakfast Club To Discuss Love And Hip Hop

“Are you sleeping with Joe Budden or not?” Charlamagne asked Love And Hip Hop star Raqi Thunda immediately after introducing her in this interview from today’s Breakfast Club show. “Absolutely not,” Raqi responds. “Never.”
From there, the interview gets even meatier (pardon the pun) because Raqi does admit she’s seen him naked because he’s a free spirit who doesn’t care who sees his junk. In this clip, Raqi discusses her relationships with Joe and Tahiry, Joe’s drug use, and why she’s not the type of person to tell all. She also addresses her nickname, “I.P.” so check out the interview below. In the clip below, Lore’l also joined the show to discuss her beef with Erica Mena.
via VH1 Blog