"Rihanna Emerges From The Roxbury With Dirt Stains On Her Knees"

Photo Credit: Hollywoodlife.com
Rihanna emerges from the Roxbury in Hollywood with dirt stains on her knees is what the headliner read for HollywoodLife.com and I nearly pissed in my pants for laughing so hard at this headline. First of all if it wasn't for the headline I probably would not have seen her dusty knees and two what are they implying about her knees having some debris on them? Huh...are they saying....you know what check out the full story below and tell me what you think.

Rihanna must have had an amazing time inside the Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood on Jan. 10, because when the singer jumped into her awaiting SUV, there were huge dirt spots visible around the singer’s knees and even on her butt!

Rihanna, 24, left the nightclub wearing a pink sweater, black heels and a pair of tight black leggings. Perhaps she shouldn't have worn black leggings because they showed everything, including the stains on both her knees and salt shaker.

Before anyone jumps to any false conclusions, we’ve learned the stains on her pants aren’t dirt, they’re left-over pieces from a napkin.

“There was a drink that accidentally spilled on her and so her people dried it with napkins and the napkin residue left those stains,” a club insider tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

Well, that clears matters up regarding the stains on her clothes, but what isn’t so clear is the singer’s relationship with Chris Brown.

With all that being said...that was a sad case of reaching...smh