Rihanna Wants Chris Brown To "Stay" On New Single Cover Art

On Jan. 16, Rihanna released the cover art for her new single ‘Stay,’ where she is sharing a tender embrace with none other than Chris. Is this her way of showing her dedication to him?

Rihanna, 24, tweeted the new single art on Jan. 16 and simply wrote “#SINGLEcover for #STAY.” The song “Stay” — which is a collaboration with Mikky Ekko — was thought to have been about Chris, 23, and now we can confirm that for certain! In the picture, a short-haired Rihanna is embracing a gentleman that is clearly Chris, as he can be distingished by his neck tattoo and signature chain.

Many of the lyrics of this song describe Chris and Rihanna’s topsy turvy relationship. For example:

“Round and around and around and around we go…” and “Makes me feel like I can’t live without you.” Most of all, the the main lyric, “I want you to stay.”

Rihanna and Chris’ relationship is more on and off than Ross and Rachel’s, and this song reveals all of Rihanna’s honest feelings about her beau. Putting him on the single cover was a bold move, but perhaps this is the singer’s way of trying to move their relationship forward.

Either way Rihanna seems like she is not going to let Chris Brown go despite anything he does. Let me know what you think.