Rick Ross Has No Worries " I'm Not Afraid Of People Shooting At Me" [Video]

Rick Ross has no worries of being shot at and laughs it off when TMZ ask the biggest boss questions regarding the shooting that took place January 28, 2013. You have to wonder if some of these hip hop artist forgot about 2 Pac & Biggies death. Laughing about death is no laughing matter check out more info below:

Rick, 37, was out in Los Angeles on Feb. 7, laughing, smoking a cigar, unphased by the fact that someone may want to try and shoot him.

Rick was involved in a car accident on his birthday, Jan. 28, when a gunman opened fire on the rapper and his female passenger. Luckily, no one was wounded. Rick crashed his Rolls Royce, when he tried escaping the gunfire.

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