Is It Time For Kim Kardashian To Let Go Of The Pencil Skirts During Pregnancy? [Photos]

Is it time for Kim Kardashian to let go of her tight fitted pencil skirts and dresses during her pregnancy? Recently in the news & all over the blogosphere Kim was criticized for gaining wait. I don't think it's the weight maybe it Kim squeezing into those fitted skirts and dresses that's giving the illusion that she is over her pregnancy weight.

I also noticed Kim looks more sad in her pregnancy photos when the paparazzi is around, generally Kim is up beat and camera ready. Check out the photos and tell us what you think. Follow Kim Kardashian"s pregnancy on our sister blog

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Early pregnancy Kim rocking a pencil skirt. She looks great & up beat.

Kim Kardashian in a turquoise pencil skirt. Not bad but looks like baby KimYe looks squeezed ye..ha!

Again, early pregnancy Kim Kardashian looks happy.

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Later stage Kim looks not so happy...maybe we're reaching and who knew that leather can stretch or perhaps that is a maternity leather dress...hmmm?

kim kardashian selfie in the bathroom
Kim Kardashion rocks fitted dress! Wow! Kimmy is the baby in the front or back?!? Ha!