Evelyn Lozada & Daughter Shaniece Talks Unbreakable Bond On Rolling Out Magazine [Video]

Evelyn and her beautiful daughter Shaniece Hariston talks about unbreakable bond on May's issue of Rolling Out Magazine just in time for Mother's Day. I know all about that bond. Although my daughter Yasmine is only 9 years old we hold a special bond that know one will ever be able to understand. Check out Evelyn Lozada & dauhter Shaniece interview with Rolling Out Magazine.-Posh

You two seem to be having a lot of fun on the set today. How has the experience been so far?

Evelyn: It’s been a lot of fun. I woke up this morning, excited to be doing this shoot with her. For the longest time, we have talked about doing a mother-daughter shoot so this is good, I’ve really been enjoying doing this with her.

Tell us about the bond between the two of you. You really seem to genuinely enjoy spending time with each other.

Shaniece: I enjoy her company a lot; she’s my best friend.

Evelyn: Yeah, we are best friends … especially over the past eight, nine months, where we have been connected at the hip. We are always together, and even when one of us is away, we constantly check in with each other. But that’s how it has always been between us since the beginning. Even though I had her young, I always made sure that she knew I was mom, but that she could also come to me and confide in me about anything. So yeah, we’re besties.
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