Wale Single "Clappers" Single Art Work Released Featuring Nicki Minaj & Juicy J

Wale released his single art work for "Clappers" the crazy thing when I searched and found out that he dropped his art work is that not too many sites are familiar with the famous go-go poster posted to D.C to P.G electric poles in all of the popular neighborhoods. I give props to Wale for bringing it back with the visual art work and paying homage to go-go music featuring Nicki Minaj & Juicy J.

Check out what Billboard had to say about the new single and tell us your thoughts on "Clappers" single art work.“Clappers,” a thumper begging to be played at strip clubs all over, features two rappers familiar with jams of the sort: Nicky Minaj and Juicy J.  “Let a trippy ni--a see what you’re working with,” Juicy J requests during a musical breakdown that takes him into friendly “Bandz a Make Her Dance” booty-popping territory. Minaj swerves in for barely half a verse, playing the role of a pimp with a horde of women fit to please. Recalling E.U.’s classic go-go single “Da Butt,” Wale yelps: "Shorty got a big ole butt.”