Rita Ora's New Look & Talks About Her Stuggle With Her Body Confidence In Teen Vogue [Photos]

"Finally! Rita Ora looks great! I'm loving her new style in the August 2013 issue of  TeenVougue, photographer Richard Burbridge (paired alongside Vogue stylist Elissa Santisi) captured her young and edgy spirit in an all-new spread".-Posh

One staggering heel in front of the other, Rita Ora, 22, is working the room as if no one else is in it. Moments from starring in her first Teen Vogue shoot, she's sauntering around the studio like a little girl playing dress-up in her "mum's" closet, testing out the white platform booties that Vogue stylist Elissa Santisi picked with the edgy Brit beauty in mind. "They're Stella," Rita says casually. She's referring, of course, to lauded designer Stella McCartney, who happened to catch the pic Rita Instagrammed of herself on set in the coveted chunky stunners. Suddenly, Rita's phone lights up with a text. It's Stella, with four gasp-inducing words: "Take them. They're yours!"- TeenVogue