Verdict: George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty For Murder ,Trayvon Martin Found Guilty Of Looking Suspicious

IIn case you didn't hear the news....

Tonight, Trayvon Martin, 17, of Sanford, Florida teen was found guilty of looking suspicious and being a thug having had weed in his system, wearing a hoodie, a garment associated with common thugs of Martin's build and hue, according to general perceptions in America.

Tonight, a jury decided that they were not sure beyond a reasonable doubt that neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman started a physical altercation with Martin some two years ago and wantonly and willfully pulled a trigger at close range, lodging a bullet through the heart of the teen.   

Tonight, six women, all mothers, all professionals did not know for certain if Zimmerman was defending himself when he pulled out that gun, he kept concealed in his pants and is allowed to carry in the state of Florida. 

...they did not know if Zimmerman had depraved intent when he ignored 911 operator pleas for him to remain in his car after reporting a suspicious black boy who fit the description of criminals who had recently broken into houses in the gated community.

....they were not sure that despite Zimmerman's varying and conflicting claims about being beaten to a pulp, helpless and having Martin bang his head repeatedly on concrete, if the guy was telling the truth or not or that was his voice heard screaming for help through neighbor's 911 telephone calls that fateful night in 2011.

Tonight, those members of the petite jury, half a normal jury, may have believed the self-defense claim of Zimmerman, who simply did not have the patience to wait the 7 or so minutes it took cops to arrive at the development where Martin's stepmom and dad lived to do their official investigation... 

but they very well may have because why else would they exonerate Zimmerman of the second degree and manslaughter charges he was up against?

Tonight, parents of children (many that share characteristics of Martin and who may be privy to wear hoodies on chilly evenings while walking home from the store after buying iced tea and skittles for a sibling) are hugging their kids tighter, and reminded that there may be a system of double justice in America or that the lives of their children are not  as valued as the lives of other people's children.

After all....

NFL football player Michael Vick got 2 years in jail for killing dogs.

Former football star Plasico Burgess got 2 years in jail for accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

And a Black mother who shot two warning shots into the ceiling to scar off her abusive spouse and relied on the same Stand your ground law in Florida got 20 years in jail for attempted murder and she didn't kill anyone.

It says a lot. Think about it. via +Jeneba JJ Ghatt www.BellyitchBlog