Max George & Hannah David Buffalo Fall 2013 Campaign

Buffalo David Bitton unveiled their fall marketing campaign early last week with The Wanted's Max George and Sport's Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis. In the fall marketing campaign, Max and Hannah are shot on the lush grounds of a picturesque estate in New York, and with an actual live Buffalo. The two were captured in a series of sexy images; as Hannah flaunts her famous assets and Max makes a special new friend, Cody the Buffalo. 

Buffalo is available at major department stores, at the Buffalo flagship store in NYC, and online at

“It was crazy getting to ride a live Buffalo on set today. I’d definitely consider Cody, who stars alongside Hannah and me in the campaign, a new friend…he was pretty special.”-Max

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Max George & Hannah David Buffalo Fall 2013 Campaign

“I’m a girl who likes to wear jeans, so it’s a perfect brand for me…I love a little bit of leather mixed with denim”- Hannah

“Well the thing about Buffalo is that it’s not just jeans. I wore the most amazing little leather mini skirt today. It’s very feminine and sexy, great for a night out on the town”- Hannah

“I feel great in my Buffalo Jeans I think I am going to wear them in every performance from now on for the rest of my singing days…I might even wear these to bed.”-Max

“Buffalo, it’s got a really rock and roll vibe to it. It’s very cool and laid back looking.” -Max