NEW MUSIC: King Los"Control" Remix Response To Kendrick Lamar

King Los dropped "Control" remix in response to Kendrick Lamar's verse. I actually think his remix is dope and love how he gave props to all the hottest rappers names that were dropped in Kendrick Lamar verse check it out below best response so far hands down.

You niggas in denial like you bathe in Egyptian rivers
I wrote this in Hieroglyphics, I'm focused and I am gifted
I hope that I just provoked you to notice that I am different
I feel so blessed I should mention, I pushed the depths of extension
Much higher my type of talent requires special attention
Kendrick I think you genius, J. Cole got these niggas worried
Big KRIT is a southern killer, Wale is a visionary
Pusha been pushing so long he truly defines a hustler
Meek did his time like a G, came back home and shined on them suckas
A$AP mastered the facets of fashion
Snatching the essence of brandin his whole fam and a no man demanding a presence
This nigga Drake nice on the mic and act
So many hits he fucked around and brought light skin back
And Big Sean you did it, no you really did it, no bullshitting
You putting the D on I could see the future, no Warwick
Get it? Dion Warwick, I went to war wit critics like Jay Eleca'
Let him see my exhibit, get it? Exhibit C
I exquisitely make a segway to Tyler, my future's odd, I salute you dog
Mac Miller, young white boy track killer, gotta feel that
I think real rap back, nigga