Nissan Versa Note: What Fuels Your Passion?

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Nissan Versa asked "What fuels you?"

For me, I think back to my childhood always wanting to enter the entertainment field. The problem was that I had no talent. Oh boy! I couldn't act, sing or dance but I was determined nonetheless to find a way to work in the industry.

I went on to college and majored in nursing and got a job in the health profession, yet I still wanted to get into the entertainment field somehow. I remember bumping into a DJ friend I knew once and asked him if I could join his team as a party promoter. I thought that would be one simple and local way to get into the entertainment arena. He replied that I was not "popular" enough to be successful. He didn't think I had the clout or influence to convince people to attend nighttime events she threw.

Not to be undeterred, that rejection actually motivated me to prove him wrong!

At some point later, I met up with another DJ friend of mine, DJ Fyah Oats, who also had a team of party promoters. He had confidence in me and let me join his network of party promoters. I started blogging about my promotion endeavors and threw in posts about fashion, lifestyle, music and entertainment .

Over time, I became even more popular and today host a very successful blog with an active following. I attend events, am a sought out host for events and am pretty well known in the DC metropolitan aread, the DMV (DC, MD, VA) for my blog and brand.

When I saw that first DJ who rejected me, he actually told me that he is quite surprised that I did it! 

My experience is testimony of the importance of never losing hope or drive. Rejection can fuel you. It did me and I am here to prove it. 

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