Designer Wizzolx Breaks New Trendy Fashion With F.Y.T Line (PHOTOS)

On October 27th, 2013 at the Anacostia Art Center, The DC area experienced a historical moment in 
fashion and entertainment. Native Washingtonian and remarkably talented fashion designer, Wizzolx 
presented himself and his passion to the world. This event was sponsored by Adidas, Jordan, Red Bull
Kickk Spott, Sony, and more. Serving as a platform to unveil his latest collection as well as an auction for 
some of his most exclusive items; Adidas X’s sneakers and a Michael Jordan jersey both designed by 
Wizzolx, this event was a grand success. While premiering his latest line entitled F.Y.T, standing for “Fuck 
You Thought", he also introduced his ideology of thinking outside of the box and daring to be different. 
An advocate of breaking of trends and embracing one’s self, he used his clothing to express these ideas. 
He explained that the barcode depicted on his pieces represent the importance of knowing your worth, 
and the holographic boxes featured on other garments is a symbol for challenging yourself to think 
outside of the box. 

A press conference was held following the collection reveal, the floor was open to the media to 
ask Wizzolx questions directly, to which he answered with much enthusiasm. When asked if he consider 
himself an ambassador of dream chasing, he responded “Of course! I will always tell the next person to 
follow their dreams.” He addressed the importance of being yourself and doing what you love. 
The auction followed the conference, Wizzolx opened by giving a heart-felt speech about how 
much this moment means to him, how much the pieces for auction mean to him. As the time 
approached to introduce the items, the room fell dark; the items were illuminated by the flashes from 
the cameras trying to capture an image of their greatness. The first pair of X’s was raffled off, and after 
the third attempt, Supreme Edge’s very own Tu Bossy was the winner. She was overwhelmed with joy, 
exclaiming that she had prayed for them. The second pair of X’s and the final item of the night, the 
highly-sought after Michael Jordan jersey, there both auctioned off in the $300 price range. 

This was a phenomenal moment for the DMV and for fashion. Supreme Edge was honored to 
participate in amazing time in Wizzolx’s life and career. The building was filled with family, friends, and  

supporters. He expressed his extreme gratitude to everyone numerous times. This creatively charming 
young man will most definitely be a leading innovator in the many successes to surely come our area in 
the future. On behalf of Supreme Edge, I would like to wish such a humble gentleman such as Wizzolx 
endless blessings.