Battle Of The Diamond Ring Kim Kardashian, Tamar Braxton, Gabrielle Union, Evelyn Lozada & More (PHOTOS)

Evelyn Lozada 14.5 carat engagement ring from L.A Dodgers star Carl Crawford.

It's the battle of the diamond rings and it looks like all of these ladies are winning. Tamar Braxton is the latest to show off her 14 carat canary diamond ring that was given to her for Christmas by her husband Vince Herbet

Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, and basketball wives    baseball soon-to-be wife Evelyn Lozada, and Ciara are the latest in the urban scene to get stunning diamond rings. 

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Tamar Braxton Christmas ring is 15 carat canary diamond given to her for Christmas by her hubby Vince Herbert.

Gabrielle Union ring is 8.5 carat diamond ring and given to her by NBA star Dwayne Wade.

Ciara rocks 15 carat diamond engagement ring from hip hop artist Future.

Kim Kardashian shows off her 15 carat engagement ring from Kanye West.