WATCH: Beyonce' Live Performances At The Mrs.Carter Tour D.C Recap (VIDEOS)

Thanks to social media and being innovative with sites like Instagram we were able to get footage from Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show in D.C last night. 

Concert goers posted Instagram video clips from the show and gave rave reviews and from the looks of the video footage Mrs. Carter gave one hell of a show.

We can't wait for Beyonce' next tour when she features music from her surprise album self name album Beyonce'. Check some videos including Single Ladies, Love On Top, 1+1 and more watch below and tell us your experience the Mrs. Carter Show.

Mrs. Carter got it in with her wickedest "Duttywine" at the Mrs. Carter show and her fierce dancers.

Beyonce' Survivor performance as she sours through the crowd.

Beyonce' serenades cute little girl during Love On Top performance.

Beyonce' We Like To Party performance.
Beyonce' 1+1 Performance.