Featured Boutique: Rossi Modo 'A Couture Styling Experience' (PHOTOS)

This weeks featured online boutique is Rossi Modo by Tameka also know as Miss Red Gal in the D.C social scene. Check out our interview below.

What inspired you to start your own online couture accessory & lip line boutique?

I've always had a passion for fashion styling, I"m usually contacted for huge events to personally job accessories for friends and clients and of course for myself. I'm most notably recognized for my ostentatious fashion sense. So I decided to offer the accessory looks for all to see and to have access to. the cosmetic line was created out of sheer need for products for my clients. I am a professional makeup artist and usually when I do clients makeup they usually ask for the products to purchase so that they can touch up for the evening most notably lip gloss - The LipDream line is a lip stain that is long wearing and allows one application to last you for hours. So, it came about as a direct supply and demand lol

I'm interested in where did you get the name Rossi Modo from and what does it mean?

Well, my childhood nickname from my dad is Red Gal a term of Caribbean
endearment for my bright complexion and whenever I would cry I turned
bright red lol I have learned to love the name and even make it a brand.
Rossi Modo roughly translates in Italian to "all the things Reds Likes" or
"Red's style" I chose Italian again its the language of love and of course Italy is known for fashion and style.

What makes your online boutique stand out from other jewelry/accessory online boutiques?

Well, my fashion sense is a bit abnormal. I have an obsession with all
things gaudy. I honestly believe I was Liberace in my past life! Ill wear
rings on every fingers and stack bangles until I cant find any to fit. But
they always look amazing! My boutique offers couture styled "looks" as well as single items. You will find bangles that coordinate with a ring and a
clutch - literally a complete look! Who doesn't like a one-stop shop!

How can fashionistas contact you? 

Facebook: MissRedgal and Rossi Modo Boutique (business page)

Twitter: @missredgal @rossimodoboutiq for business inquiries or for purchase of items they may contact the

Business line 804-742-0312