NEW VIDEO: Dynamic Dancehall Duo RDX Kicks of New Year, With a “Sexy Touch”

Dancehall powerhouse RDX, revel in the New Year excitement by kicking off with an enticing new video.
While heavy hitter singles like “Jump” “Kotch” “Broad Out” and newer releases “Ride It” “Come Wine It” continue to spice up airwaves, RDX is taking a smooth approach with new video “Sexy Touch”. Tastefully sliding away from the feisty “earobics” of Dancehall hardcore singles, the duo is applauded for, “Sexy Touch” journeys into a sultry tease for the ladies.
Regarding the steamy breakaway, RDX remarks, "We wanted to showcase a smoother, more passionate side of RDX, to let our fans know we're not one dimensional. ‘Sexy Touch’ is only the introduction”
Check out the video below and tell us what you think.