Chanel Iman 6 Cities 6 Styles In Cosmopolitan Magazine (PHOTOS)

Chanel Iman is styling on em' in her 6 cities Cosmopolitan magazine spread featuring London, Sydney, Milan, L.A, New York, & San Francisco. Sophisticated, Sexy, & Savvy is what I love about Chanel Iman. 

Check out more photos below and tell us what other city would you love to see Chanel Iman represent. 

Chanel says: “Sydney is trendy with a chill attitude. I wear a lot of jeans from Australian designer Ksubi.”

Chanel says: “When I go to Milan, I like to get sexier than I would elsewhere. After all, it’s home of Versace and Gucci.”

Chanel says: “I was raised in L.A. My whole family is there. It’s more relaxed and all about hats and sunglasses because it’s always sunny.”
Chanel says: “In New York, you dress for you neighborhood. I’m a downtown chick — jeans and ripped-up tee shirt. When you’re uptown, it’s more proper and sophisticated.”

Chanel says: “Baseball is big in San Fran, so there’s a sporty feel with a big city twist.”

Chanel says: “London is playful. You can go a little bit more funky. British style is about having fun.”