Music Choice Wants To Know "Who's The Next Music Divas" (VIDEO)

"The state of musical Divas is definitely shifting in the music industry. When I think of a diva in the music industry I think of timeless music of "that" songstress that everyone adored, wanted to be like, and when she is on stage mesmerized audiences not only by her voice, but her beauty, poise, rhythm, walk and overall stage performance. No one could tell her nothing. She is the epitome of stardom and all her fans wanted to be like her, but her voice is what stood out the most along with her stage presence.  Check out "Top 5 Things You Need To Be A Diva" & Music Choice "The Diva Debate" and let us know your thoughts." -Posh  

Top 5 Things You Need to Be a Diva
1. True Musical Aptitude – There is a certain caliber of artist that can be classified as a DIVA, and if you are not of this caliber you need not apply.
2. Presence – Mack Wilds concluded, “It’s all in someone’s swagger, their cadence, the way that they handle themselves, whether it be a red carpet or interview or even performances.” A Diva exudes confidence, strength, poise, power, and exceptional ability.
3.  Be You – One thing that you can say about the many divas in music history such as Whitney, Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle, Mary J Blidge and more is that they stayed true to themselves. Nothing about a diva is imitation of a trend or another hot artist. She has found her voice, her lane and owns everything that makes her, her.
4. Be Bold – Bridget Kelly said it best: “a characteristic of a diva is to be bold and independent. (She) has to really command that attention and demand that respect.” In being bold, a Diva raises the bar for all other artists hovering in the genre or attempting to swerve in her lane.
 5.  Major Moments of Amazement – People have to be moved and captivated by you in order for you to be considered a diva. A diva makes people want to live in her moments and assimilate into her lifestyle. Beyoncé has done an amazing job of making the masses want to live her life with her from touring around the world, marrying music mega-mogul Jay-Z or simply vacationing with family.
The panelist in Music Choice’s “The Diva Debate” named the first and most notable diva of our generation who is poised to walk in the late great Whitney Houston’s shoes as Beyoncé. Aside from Bey, the list of next generation Divas is slim, as we can only note Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson and Rihanna as other viable contenders.  They want to know from you, what’s your definition of a Diva? Tune in to Music Choice On Demand to see “The Diva Debate”, hosted by Amanda Seales and an all-star panel. Join the Diva Debate by Tweeting  @MusicChoice and @EricaVain your Diva Selections!