Basketball Wives L.A Cast Brittish, Jackie & Sundy Talks"Who's The Shadiest, Meanest, & Prettiest On #BBWLA

Photo Credit: HipHollywood

On my daily prowl on the web I saw this interview on HipHollywood with Basketball Wives L.A cast Brittish Williams, Jackie Christy & Sundy Carter. In the interview the host asked the ladies "who is the shadiest, meanest, and prettiest on Basketball Wives L.A and of course their was shade thrown at my favorites Draya Michelle and Malaysia Pargo

I love the show and wish they can show something positive outside of Jackie's Gay & Lesbian event. My last thought on this is that these ladies just can't get Draya's name out their mouth really, Draya insecure? Maybe when it come to relationships, but as far as looks and confidence I really don't think Draya has that problem. 

I really hope these ladies see that by talking about Draya all through out the show, blogs, interviews that they really look jealous and giving Draya more shine. I can say I'm bias but looking at the comments on twitter #BBWLA hash tag and comments on websites these ladies need to take a step back and look at themselves. 

Side note: I understand that without the drama their would not be a show, but do you think you really have to sell your dignity just for 5 minutes of reality show fame? Hmmm? Check out the video below and tell us what you think.