Does Nelly Want His His Ex Tae Heckford Back After #WCW? (PHOTOS)

Does Nelly want his ex Tae Heckford back? I'm not the one to gossip, but I spotted this on hip hop news 24-7 of Nelly post of his ex boo thang Tae Heckford on Instagram for his #WCW (woman crush Wednesday). Now, he haven't been following some of the gossip blogs it's said that Ashanti and Nelly looked like they were possibly getting  back together after Ashanti face timed Nelly at a album release party in Atlanta. 

I mean they could just be really good friends and Ashanti may not really care about his situation with other women. Only time will tell, but for now check out Nelly's Instagram post of his WCW and ex-girlfriend Tae Heckford.

story credit: www.hiphopnews24-7