Trend Alert: Summer Neon Nail Trend (PHOTOS)

This Summer, if you dare to go bold and experiment with neon colored nail polish you may have seen on the fingertips of your favorite celebrity, here is a simple tutorial from FindItWeddings to get you started if you venture to do it yourself.

1.  Make sure you remove all traces of old nail polish and then wash off all traces of nail polish remover.

2. Buffing your nails gives them a super smooth surface so you get a great finish.

3. Try a rubberized base coat to help the nail polish stay on longer and will help the nail polish to bond better. Make sure it is completely dry before applying polish.

4.  Give your nail polish a shake but not vigorously as you may create air bubbles.

5.  Don’t be in a rush. Apply thin coats and let them dry before re-applying. Don’t sit by a fan either as this may also create bubbles in the wet polish. Humidity will retard the drying process so allow extra time if it’s humid. Be patient.

6.   If you smudge your nails ( so easily done) use a smudge repair product rather than having to start again and run the risk of messing up other nails.

7.  Finally, finish with a top coat to protect your nail art design. Using a top coat will not only help protect from damage but will increase the life of your manicure.

Finally, if you want to experiment with more colors or to stay safe with a kit, there are numerous of neon nail kits availalble at online and brick and mortar retailers.