Weekend Fun At Mai 35th Birthday Celebration (PHOTOS)

K. Savvy rocking an original Finda designer dress. I wore a Nicole Miller dress with Jessica Simpson sandals.

June 20th I partied it up for Mai B socialite, business woman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist for her 35th birthday party held at the luxurious Ball Room in Bethesda, Md. The event was elegant and the food was amazing. Family members and elite guest came out to celebrate the life of Mai B.
It was great to see so many people that came out to celebrate including some of my favorite cousins, community leaders, and friends. Just a tidbit, but Mai is actually someone that influenced me when I chose the name Posh. She put me on to one of D.C elite social clubs and I loved it so much I took on to the name. Many people think I got the name from Posh Spice. 

Check out photos at the event. 

Maimuna 35th Birthday Celebration.

M. Jalloh-Heyword wore a black cap dress with Louboutin pumps.

My fabulous cousin M. Bangura taking selfies during the event.

Looking good in summer neon yellow M. Jalloh rocked this yellow blazer and colorful hankerchief .

The lady of the night Mai looking pretty in white.

Mai having a blast with family and friends. Check out her change of outfit. I can't wait for more photos from her photographer. What a night!