The Platform Trend Is Back #GetTheLook (PHOTOS)

I'm so excited to learn that 70s style clothing, shoes and accessories are trending this Spring. What's also great for fashionable pregnant mamas to know is that the platform style shoe is also hot. 

I love platforms because they are not as uncomfortable to wear as other high heel styles, yet they come in so many varieties, styles, colors and designs.  The thicker toe area below the balls of the feet provide more support than traditional heels.  For these reasons, the shoe is even a better option for moms-to-be who want some height but not the instability as traditional heels and pumps. 

I've curated a collection of styles of platform shoe that have their own personality. Which one matches you best?

Written By +Jeneba JJ Ghatt 
the preppy 

the badass rocker chick

the high maintenance glam

the fashion-forward cosmopolitan 

the no-nonsense 

the sex kitten

the avante garde

the urban hip

 the professional

the earth girl

the Harijuku lover

the Trophy Wife