Kanye West's Pop Up Shop 4 Successful Marketing Reminders

Last month, Kanye West announced 21 pop up shops worldwide selling his Life of Pablo album merchandise. Pop up shops aren’t new concepts. In fact, they are tried and true methods of hawking goods on the cheap.

It came with some much needed reminders about the beauty and effectiveness of pop up shops in marketing real products.
Hubba summarized 4 of them:
That said, pop-ups are often a fantastic (and often more accessible) option for new businesses, for several reasons:
1. They’re low on cost. Costing a mere fraction of what opening up a full blown brick and mortar location would, pop-ups are great for those with lower budgets. A smaller space (for a shorter amount of time) and less inventory mean that a significantly smaller portion of your profit goes towards overhead and inventory costs.
2. They’re great for building brand awareness. Whether it’s a retail space on busy street, an event space or a store-within-a-store, you’re almost guaranteed to see new customers who, at the very least, want to know who you are, why you’re there and what you’re selling. It’s a great opportunity build a buzz and educate consumers on your product as well.