Same Day Engagement & Wedding Goes Viral #ForeverDuncan (PHOTOS, VIDEOS & MEMES)


forever duncan
Sunday belonged to love via the viral social media wedding of Alfred Duncan, an Emmy Nominated Vocalist for the band Mambo Sauce and his girlfriend-turned-wife personal trainer Sherrell Woodward…because it all happened in 12 hours.
  • sniff *
After wiping my tears watching all the wonderful videos of this tender moment where a man proposed to his girlfriend during the day and surprised her with a wedding before her family and friends at the National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland art gallery,Art Whino 6 hours later, I curated the story to share with my readers here.

Get your tissues ready:
Duncan posted a video of himself in bed with his then girlfriend Sherrell for one of their “competitive date” days where one has to plan an entire date. He tells her that he calls “servitude day” meaning she has to do all he tells her. (Side bar: How cute is that an idea for spicing up date nights, huh? love it!)
Back to the story:
“Do you love me?” and “Do you trust me?”, Alfred asks to which she replied yes to both. He took over her Instagram account and invited everyone in the Internet to “feel free to post whatever you like,” but to use the hashtag #foreverduncan in posts.
“Don’t worry,” he alerts everyone in social media land. “I have her phone. She won’t be able to see anything until it’s over.”
And so it begins…..
Duncan sent email wedding invitations to friends and family, then alerted some on Instagram.  Because he took over Sherrell’s IG account, he was able to let her friends know to check their email for the wedding invitation.
The Wedding Invitation