New Music Hip Hop & R&B Artist Damond Blue Drops 'Sun Rise'

"Check out new music from hip & R&B artist Damond Blue 'Sun Rise'. I'm so loving the reggae feel to this single".-Posh

Baltimore native Damond Blue, who is an R&B and Hip Hop artist is back with another HIT single titled "Sunrise"! Produced by Javar Rockamore, ​sampling the hit 90's Hip Hop "
​Hip Hop Hooray.​

" by Naughty by Nature, and mixed with reggae tunes "Sunrise" will definitely provide some sunshine (and make you yern for those summer nights) during these cold fall nights that are starting to breeze through on some of the coasts. Something for the ladies, Damond wanted to remind them how important they are as he sings "Baby girl your beautiful. Yea, the sun rises for you".

With new ads this week including Music Choice, Orlando, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Lexington + more "Sunrise" is on its way to your city! For more information on Damond Blue, please and follow on @DamondBlue on IG for all updates, new video snippets & exclusives!