Tina's Pretty In Pink Birthday Brunch At La Vie D.C

5.22.21 I celebrated Tina's Pretty In Pink birthday brunch at La Vie in Washington, D.C. The venue transformed their once winter wonderland igloo dining area to a whimsical art painters garden. 

The cabana brunch on painters row is located at the penthouse of the restaurant. The menu and specialty drinks were so good. The atmosphere was gorgeous. I had many people ask me about this location, so here you are ladies!

La Vie at the Washington, D.C waterfront

Beautiful weather for a birthday brunch at the Waterfront, luxury yacht decks sat on the glistening water. La Vie, Washington, D.C.

Tina, pretty in pink as we celebrated her birthday brunch in style at La Vie, Washington, D.C

Tina poses with T and T Boutique owner Tonya in the painter row garden cabana. La Vie, Washington, D.C

The Vegas garden cabana was super cute, the ladies posed with the guest of honor. LaVie, Washington, D.C

I took the time to take a selfie in the painters row garden cabana, La Vie Washington, D.C

Thank you for inviting me to your lovely birthday brunch Tina, Happy Birthday. La Vie, Washington, D.C.


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