Pop Smoke Braids: Hairstyles (PHOTOS)

Check out my pop smoke braids by Cierre Lanae and get the look. A fun and cute style that you can rock any season. Also check out more info on this style from Ankara Style.

"African-inspired braids are a trend that never goes out of fashion. These Pop Smoke braids became a trend in 2018 when they used the famous pop singer Pop Smoke and symbolizes the old traditional African style based on braiding hair close to the scalp. The fashion of African braids has moved from a symbol of African civilization to an aesthetic trend; It swept the global catwalks, attracting the attention of many women and girls, and was the title of their hairstyles in many modern looks.

The fashion for Pop Smoke braids emerged in the middle of 2018 and continues with us in 2021, as many fashion followers, fashionistas, and celebrities adopted this hairstyle by braiding their hair in long thin, or thick braids and a variety of colors ranging from blonde and blonde to neon and green colors. These braided hairstyles are dividing the hair into small sections and inserting long outer hair strands in the color you want, and braiding them with each section so that it looks like a compact and beautiful braid."

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