Cookie Factory Promotions 2nd Annual Shorts and Shades Day Party (PHOTOS)

May 20, 2023 Baltimore, MD DJ Cookie and Cookie Factory Promotions held it's 2nd Annual Shorts and Shades Day Party. The blonde bombshell DJ partied it up as guest arrived dressed in their best and stylish attire.

Photos by OQ Vision Media

Party-goes vibed out to the best of the best dancehall music, it was so lit.

The fellas came out rocking with the theme shorts and shade, fashionable and stylish.  

Ms. Queen Diva came out looking cute with her fishnet and jeans shorts, she definitely came out to play.

I love the summer vibes these ladies were giving, Kitty and Mimi, shorts and shades.

I had a blast partying up with my favorite MUA Reesey, we had such a good time. I really didn't want it to end. Can you believe it rained? Rain or shine I was definitely there to support my girl DJ Cookie.

Check out more photos of fashionable guest, photos by OQ Vision Media.

Top Dollz Promotion Reesey came out to slay in all white and hot red shades.

What to wear at a day party for fellas? Fellas take note. Love the colors, shorts and shades.

Overall, DJ Cookie Shorts and Shade was a super fun day party turned into a night fete. Team A team was in the building, well outside to say the least. 

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